The book The Last Argonaut is primarily a book that talks about the history of ideas, but this book is also an adventure novel, which takes the main character, and with him all his readers, on journeys from ancient Greece to Vojvodina in the 19th century. However, above all, The Last Argonaut is a novel about love and the search for family. The novel appeared in 2018 and was presented with a marketing slogan: Is it a bigger curse to forget everything or remember everything.

The focus of this novel is on a hero called Master. Master has forgotten all parts of his personal history. At the same time, he remembers everything he read and it concerns general history. He is aware that he knows the ancient Greek language and that he probably wrote many books, but he does not remember his name, whether he has relatives or who he lives with.

Without remembering, he goes in the north of Italy, where unusual neurological experiments are performed. Dr. Pettini claims that the memory of the whole world is in the head of every person and that it is hidden in the white cells of the brain (glia).

Under certain circumstances, the patient may recall an entire historical epoch. On one such trip, the Master finds his best friend, and on the other, in ancient Athens, Master married and had two sons. But the whole epoch can be shown quite briefly. Master is facing a difficult search for his sons and wife.