The Golden Era of Pianism


Year of publish: 2002.

Number of words: 65.000

Copyright belongs to the author



         Under the fingers of  Aleksandar Gatalica, computer keyboard he uses to write his book The Golden Era of Pianism transforms itself into black-and-white piano keys. The bass of this piano keyboard lies within the time when pianism was more than just an art, when it was considered way of life; at the same time his right hand, with no evident restraint, catches  the melody as if traveling through the infinite space of the Internet.

            The computer monitor he watches while writing about the piano ‘lions’ between the two wars and the golden time of pianism, transforms itself into a control monitor of the Hollywood studios for film editing. The great pianists become actors in their own lives brilliantly directed by Aleksandar Gatalica. CD player  the author frequently meditates upon  through the dimmed glass of champagne, turns itself into a concert podium between the two wars of the previous century and Morris Rosenthal, Leopold Godovski, Serge Rachmaninov, Josef Hoffman are performing a gala concert... As a result, this story about  virtuoso pianists could serve as an anthology of the novelized biographies, a valuable textbook for the students of the Art Academy and ingenious guidebook for the compact-disc enthusiasts.

            Writing about the art of the others, archeologist of the pianism, Aleksandar Gatalica composes his own artistic work. Messages of Marija Joudina - that the artist’s mission is to destroy  the canons and bind the unbindable, and of Bernard Shaw - that criticism must never be dull, and of Dragutin Gostuski - that writing about music is objective only if it is uncompromisingly honest, Aleksandar Gatalica manages to put between the covers of this book about the golden era of pianism.