The novel Sonata for a Malevolent Man is without a doubt a novel about the present time. This is a book about contemporary political and moral preoccupations.  

The novel Sonata for a Malevolent Man is first and foremost a novel of the flow of consciousness, a novel about a huge, but prone to collapse moral giant, Mr. Petrović, who lives a secluded life in which he is the greatest hero of his life. 

In 99 chapters set from March to September of one year at the beginning of the 21st century, Mr. Petrovic plays his role in the last scenes of his life, or even closer: he plays a posthumous sonata to his immoral life, a three-movement sonata marked as Adagio sostenuto, Romance and Marchia funebre.  

Mr. Petrovic resembles the city of Troy. AsTroy, he is surrounded by enemies, but defends itself for years, and then a beautiful woman Marina enters the interior - a seductress, a prostitute - who shakes the entire inner cosmos to the bottom and destroys it in front of Mr. Petrović.

The downfall of a V.I.P. person, a trusted member of the Socialist Party of Serbia, a man who left his dirty marks everywhere, finally provokes empathy among the readers.