Belgrade for Foreigners

Short Stories


Publishing Year: 2004

Number of Words: 40.950

Copyright belongs to the author


The book Belgrade for Foreigners once again proved Aleksandar Gatalica to be the writer with polished imagination and undeniable literary culture. This time around  in the center of this imaginary world is the recognizable toponym of Belgrade, pictured in different time frames, from the year 1525, and the time of the second Turkish occupation, to the present time- beginning of the Twenty First Century.

Pictured from different perspectives with an idea to introduce a kaleidoscope of different destinies of Belgraders who played their life parts at the stage of the Serbian capital set at the confluence of two rivers, Gatalica’s starting point was always a real document, but with a little imagination added, thus making it unreal, with infinite faces. Further more, the author’s intention was not to reconstruct the possible event in its positive reality, but rather to achieve some sort of mysteriousness often associated with Belgrade, thus picturing the historical spirit of this, probably the most turbulent city in the Central Europe. Belgrade for Foreigners makes this historical spirit alive, shaping it with some new literary reality.


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