A Dialog with Delusions

Two Short Novels


Publishing Year: 2006

Number of Words: 43.660

Copyright belongs to the author


A Dialog with Delusions is one of the most praised and most cited books by Aleksandar Gatalica. It was written in Serbia, Greece and Belgium in the course of the year 2005. The book consists of two short novels joined in one. In each of the two novels the author begins his dialogue with one significant historic figure.

In the first novel, set in the island of Lesbos, the author talks to Sappho (whose entire legacy was translated by the author from the Ancient Greek), and in the second, set in Antwerpen, he converses with Rubens.

In the opinion of the critique, A Dialog with Delusions is a convincing merger of genres, novels, biographies and essays. In these pages, the author practically brought to life his conversationalists, and offered an exciting testimony to their lives mixed with “probable and possible” fiction giving these tales some very special hue.



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