Great War english edition

English edition „The Great War“, in bookshops from November 11th, 2014.

What the critics say

Gatalica refreshes an over-familiar history, weaving surrealist fantasies into the documented recodrds.
Mark Thompson, Times Literature Supplement

I think the above book is close to being a masterpiece. In places reminded me of Isabelle Allende, and magical realism. It is a massive canvas, peopled by so many amazing characters but as far as i am concerned he manages to hold it all together. I stayed up til 2.a.m reading it. He deserves a big readership.
Andrew Haywood, a leading publishing consultant of Ether Books

Its strength is that it uses the process of Cubist painting to tell a story – multi-viewpoints of the same central thing. A wonderful conceit.
Roger James Elsgood, Art and Adventure audio service



A LA GUERRE french edition

French edition “A la Guerre, comme a la Guerre”, in bookshops from April 4th, 2015

What the critics say

Gatalica’s choral novel has a stylistic breath and a narrative power that remind of Milos Cmjanski or Eugenio Corti’s best work. A new literary cathedral.
Jean Christopphe Buisson, Le Figaro Magazine

The Great War as it has never been showed before. A limitless ability to invent, a surrealist sense of humour, an erudite documentation.
Jacques Franck, La Libre Belgique

A la guerre comme a la guerre” shows that each and every small man has full right to have his own epopee.
Isabelle Ruef, Le Temps, Suisse